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Asbestos Testing and Lead Abatement for Properties in Durham, NC

Your home or commercial property can be host to a number of hidden hazards. Two of the most dangerous ones include asbestos, and lead. These hazards are present in most buildings with old foundations and electrical, plumbing, and gas systems. A complete removal of every detectable trace should be done to ensure safety to the people living in these properties.


At Carolina Asbestos Services, we offer asbestos testing and lead abatement for residential and commercial clients in Durham, NC. With over 15 years of experience, our professionals are trained in using the best techniques and state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint hazards and remove them.

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Asbestos and lead are both carcinogenic materials that can damage your bodily systems. They were both extensively used in old homes and buildings before being phased out for the threat they offer. At Carolina Asbestos Services, we offer the experience and knowledge of a team of professionals that follow all the safety codes and regulations for substance identification and removal. Our honest and reliable employees can pinpoint hazards and perform asbestos removal or lead abatement to securely contain the hazard and dispose of it.


Prevent future problems and declining health for your family or company staff by working closely with us at Carolina Asbestos Services. Our experienced team will perform asbestos testing and lead abatement on your chosen property to completely eliminate all traces of hazardous materials. If you are interested in the service and living in the Durham, NC area, give our team a call today! You can get a free estimate from our asbestos service for any project you want!

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